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How can I join Far East Lodge No. 1?

Far East Lodge No. 1に参加するためにはどのようにすれば良いのでしょうか?


There's a common misconception that joining Masonry is by invitation only. Nothing could be further from the truth. Masonry places great importance on the 'free will and accord' of the applicant. This means that no one will try to talk you into joining. It's up to you to decide if you want to become a Mason or not.

You become a Mason by joining a lodge. There are usually three steps:


  • Finding out about Masonry.

  • Choosing a lodge and getting to know the members.

  • Submitting an application or 'petition'.


Remember that the first step is up to you. If you know any Masons or any members of Far East Lodge No. 1, don't hesitate to ask them about Masonry. If you don't know any Masons, please contact the lodge directly and we'll do our best to answer your questions.









繰り返しとなりますが最初のステップは貴殿の行動から始まるということを忘れないで下さい。もしあなたがFar East Lodge No.1のメンバーをご存じであれば躊躇されることなくメイソンリーについて尋ねてみて下さい。もしあなたが誰もメイソンのメンバーと接点がないということであれば、我々はあなたの質問に可能な限り対応致します。



What's the application procedure?



The application begins with the submission of a Petition Form, available from the Secretary of Far East Lodge No. 1. You'll need two members of the Lodge to sponsor you, so it's very important to get to know as many members as possible before you apply. After receiving your completed Petition Form, the Lodge will inform the Grand Lodge of Japan of your application. You will then be interviewed, in private, by several members of the Lodge who will report their findings to the Master of the Lodge. If the findings are favorable, the Lodge will hold a secret ballot on your application. If that ballot is favorable, a date will be set for you to become a member by receiving the first degree of Masonry.


申請は請願フォーム提出から始まります。書類はFar East Lodge No.1のセクレタリーから入手できます。申請の際にはあなたには二人のマスターメイソンの推薦が必要です。ですから申請前にできる限り多くのメンバーと接点を持つことが重要です。請願書を受け取った後、ロッジは日本グランドロッジにあなたの申請を告知致します。そしてあなたは何人かのメンバーから個別にインタビューを受けることになり、その内容はロッジのマスターに報告されます。もし結果が好意的なものであれば、ロッジはあなたの申請についてメンバーの無記名投票で審査をします。審査結果がポジティブであればメイソンの第一階級を授与されあなたをメンバーに迎えるための日付が決定されます。



How long does it take to become a Mason?



Once you decide to apply, you'll probably want to join as soon as possible, but a little patience is needed. Each stage of your application will have to be discussed and approved at formal meetings of the lodge, which usually take place once a month. On average, it takes two or three months from the time you submit your petition to the time you receive the first degree of Masonry. If your petition is received just before the summer break, or the busy year-end season, it might take a little longer.


Once you've received the first degree of Masonry you'll be known as an Entered Apprentice. With time, you'll be able to receive the second (Fellowcraft) and third (Master Mason) degrees.



メイソンの第一階級を授与されると、貴殿はEntered Apprenticeとして認識されます。時の経過と共に、第二階級であるFellowcraft、そして第三階級であるMaster Masonを受け取ることが可能になります。



How much does it cost to join?



There's a one-time Initiation Fee of 90,000 yen, and an annual fee of 30,000 yen. These fees are in accordance with the Bye-Laws of Far East Lodge No. 1 and have been approved by the Grand Lodge of Japan.


初回のみの入会金が90,000円、年会費が30,000円となります。これらの費用についてはFar East Lodge No.1の規則に記載されており、日本グランドロッジにより許可を受けています。



Once I join, will I be able to visit other lodges?



Although there are a few exceptions, you'll have to wait until you become a Master Mason before you can visit other lodges. As a member of Far East Lodge No. 1, you'll be able to visit any lodges recognized by the Grand Lodge of Japan. This includes all other lodges in Japan and thousands of lodges around the world.


いくつかの例外はありますが、基本的にはマスターメイソンとなるまで待つ必要があります。その後Far East Lodge No.1のメンバーとして日本グランドロッジに承認されたロッジを訪問することが可能となります。その中には国内の全ての認証ロッジと世界中の無数のロッジが含まれます。



I'm a woman. Can I join Far East Lodge No. 1?

女性もFar East Lodge No.1のメンバーになることはできますか。


The Grand Lodge of Japan accepts only male members.




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