Far East Lodge No.1


We are the Masonic Lodge serving Yokohama, Japan.


Far East Lodge #1 is comprised of men from all walks of life, ages, races and religious beliefs. We all meet on the level and adhere to the same principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. We strive daily to improve ourselves and to enrich the lives of those around us. We seek to strengthen our communities through fellowship, benevolence, education and leadership. We are a Fraternity with a proud history and deeply rooted in ancient tradition.



“Freemasonry is dedicated to the purpose of making good men into better men; It also encourages its members to actively seek to better themselves through hard work, dedication, and education. To convey these lessons, symbols and allegories are used. Each of our visual symbols has a meaning which is designed to remind us of some moral or social virtue which we should learn and practice. The stories we tell in course of our three degrees of membership are allegorical and designed to be impressive to the initiate while teaching important lessons. Above all else, Freemasonry is dedicated to the brotherhood of all mankind.”

ファー・イースト・ロッジ No.1











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